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I really didn't think it was going to work this good, but Zy told me to just trust the process.....Im lit asf now fr

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- Sulifa

Sulifa's Stats Before Using My Music Starter Kit

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Who Is Zy Da Shadow?

Yo, so by now your probably wondering who I let me tell you about my journey.

I started in the music industry over 10 years ago as a "work for hire" producer/song-writer. If you don't know what that is, I will tell you. Basically it is when a record label, or executive producer pays other producers & song writers to contribute to a music project. The label or exec pays the "work for hires" a set price and afterwards the label owns the work. Basically I would produce and write songs and sell the rights to them to the label or executive producer. Anyway after a few years of doing that I got burnt out and wanted to start something of my own, which ended up being my independent record label Shadow Work Ent. I learned very quickly when trying to do marketing for my artists music, that it is not the same as having the major labels help. I tried all the normal stuff we do to try to get people looking at our music like telling people about new music releases on social media, putting up YouTube videos, hiring other people to do it, etc. Some times some of those things worked for me, but for the most part none of it gave me the type of progress I wanted. Long story short, I started reaching out to some of my record label friends asking them for some shortcuts to help me get motion, and after signing an independent distribution deal with AWAL (Owned By Sony Music Group) I was able to get access to major label tools, and build new relationships with industry execs that didn't mind giving me some shortcuts. After spending over 12k testing out different methods, I started my own marketing company OM-Y Creative Music Marketing where I do marketing for artist who don't want to do it themselves. I have taken the best of what I found that worked and put it into this Music Artist Starter Kit. If you follow the step by step process I have put in the kit, you will be on your way to gettting at-least 10k streams in 30 days. Guaranteed or I will refund your $10 and give you $100 for wasting your time.

And Here's What Award Winning Major Artists, Producers, & Influencers Have To Say About Me (Zy Da Shadow)!!

Listen To Music Industry Vets

Fat Joe, Drumma Boy, QueenzFlip, Yuk Mouth, Chingy

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What's Included:


  • (The Product) that when you (follow step by step), will get you at-least (5k to 10k organic real streams) in (30) Days!

  • Bonus #1 - Using This One Little Known App you will be able to increase your monthly following and build fans 10x faster.

  • Bonus #2 - The Secret Formula to getting new fans from your social media to become monthly listeners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Zy Da Shadow again?

Zy Da Shadow is a music producer & independent record label owner of Shadow Work Ent (SWE) Over the years Zy has worked with and/or collaborated with many major and independent music artists as a work for hire music producer. His collaborations include T-Pain, Pimpin Ken, Yuk Mouth, Chingy, Drumma Boy, Stickio, and more. Zy has been working behind the scenes with publishers, distributors, and record label which has allowed him to learn the different ways to empower independent music artist so they don't waste time on things that don't work. After Zy started his own record label years ago, he became familiar with the different barriers most independent artist are facing when trying to promote their music and get motion. Because of his own experiences he decided he wanted to share some of the secrets and shortcuts to help artists get traction in the industry.

How did you learn these secrets?

After getting a distribution and publishing deal with one of the major record labels, I was privileged to gain access to conversations and information used by those same labels. These platforms and strategies that are not publicly promoted but are out there for those who know they exists.

Who created the starter kit?

Zy Da Shadow created this kit, these same techniques to over 120+ inner circle clients that have tested these strategies and platforms over the last 4-5 years with positive results!

How will I receive the product?

It will be instantly sent via email once you have placed your order. There will also be a link to your product on the payment complete page after your order is placed.

Is there a cost to this?

$7 for a limited time - if you don't want to pay $7 for this MASSIVE value, I really have no solution for you.... it's less than a coffee.... a toll on the road... even something at the dollar store nowadays haha just grab it.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Yes, 10k new streams in 60 days or you get your $10 refunded and $100* for wasting your time.

How do I get started?

Click the blue button below!

**you CAN'T find these secrets anywhere else!!!

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